Kate Hughes

Mailbox 141 – Zoetrope

Zoetrope at Mailbox 141
141 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
21 December 2010 – 21 January 2011
Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm
Saturdays 10am – 5pm.


November 26, 2010, 9:37 am
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golden afternoon
September 12, 2010, 1:05 pm
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Some Little Success 2
August 14, 2010, 10:25 pm
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Kate Hughes
Some Little Success

For the last ten days I have drawn seven hours each day and I flatter myself with some little success
Fanny Macleay, 1815

Through representations of the places I have lived my work depicts a personal experience of environment through a framework of art historic theory. Created in small scale with the incorporation of craft the work is rejecting the nationalist male narrative of Australian landscape history. Instead connecting to a history of Australian women artists and makers who transformed the unfamiliar landscape into a home. The depiction of home and the local within the imported aesthetic tradition of the picturesque reveals how we impose on and reshape the landscape to fulfill personal and communal ideals. The tactile nature of many of the works invites a more personalized intimacy with the work allowing a projection and understanding of sensation beyond the visual. Made or imprinted on paper often in greyscale the work simulates the documentation of an accurate truth. The repetition of visual elements throughout series and disruption of perspective through dark and geometric masses adds a degree of uncertainty and disquiet. A disharmony found at the border between suburbia and nature in which I live.

At Brunswick Street Gallery
August 13 to 26
322 Brunswick St Fitzroy

heaven’s gate opens
March 7, 2010, 1:44 pm
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A sunny morning spent beyond the cemetery gates. Marveling at the perfection of synthetic imitation against a backdrop of hewn stone split by shifting earth and hungry tree roots. Later the clouds split with lightening, a torrent consumed the streets sending icy water down my spine and up my legs. Good day to be carrying a camera apparently.

commonplace cartography
October 17, 2009, 3:35 pm
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Everyone’s at it:
There’s the massive imap at city library. Overcoming its name it engages it’s audience in community building through the mapping of personal narrative.
Walk this way a series of guided walks that are part of the melbourne international arts festival. I picked up three of the walking maps and found them to be of variable interest and depth. The best were those that explored the individuals relationship to the city’s structure and society rather than just listing some cool places. Could be amazing but not all contributors appear to have really engaged with the project.
If you walk through flinders st subway you’ll find the interventionist guide to melbourne at platform. A group of artist have created guiding maps to their city focused temporal interventions.
Photocopied Map a zine collaboration between the asylum seekers resource centre and sticky. A series of postcards written to family, friends and strangers give brief insights into the asylum seekers lives. Money raised by sales goes to the ASRC a fantastic institution.