Kate Hughes

Photopolymer etching
September 6, 2011, 7:19 pm
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These are the results of a workshop I took on photopolymer etching at Warringah Print Studio under the guidance of Janet Ayliffe. They are not as high quality as I’d hoped for but they do lead me to believe that the medium has a lot of potential for my work. Consequently I have invested in some more photopolymer plates to be used when time permits.


The Honorable Sir Edmund Barton Highway

This book has been completed thanks to the kind assistance of my father Denis Hughes of MyChoice laser engraving. I have had this book in the works for too long now, it has finally been pulled together with stitching and is complete. The images are relief prints from laser engraved lino blocks with Australian red ochre pigment coating the inside of each folded page. The pages are bound up with engraved kangaroo leather recalling a scorched aerial view of the landscape contained within.