Kate Hughes



Contact me with any questions, news or opinions at kate@firebridge.com.au

Please email me at this address with mailing list in the subject line if you would like to receive email updates about any upcoming exhibitions I am involved in.


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Hi Kate,

Love your work! I’m also a Melbourne-based artist, printmaker, maker of books – who has trouble making a space ( in time and place to work in. I’m interested in knowing what the little press is, that’s in one of your photos. I do a lot of handprinting of linoprints at home (on light handmade papers, but would love a little press like that one!.


Penny Peckham

Comment by Penny Peckham

Hi Penny,

My press is an Econo Relief Press 14″ x 13″ from Melbourne Etching Supplies.

Comment by Kate

Hello Kate,
I was wondering if you where the writer for the poem ‘1899’?

Comment by Rebecca

Hi Rebecca, sorry but I am not.

Comment by Kate

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