Kate Hughes

through the window
October 8, 2009, 10:21 pm
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Another book, this one is from last year. Exploring how the form the paper takes changes the perception of the drawings; transforming them into something that is seen through a gap; there is more beyond the borders.


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I remember this one, seen it before. Liking the blog, well done. It looks really good photographed.

Comment by Leanne

This is really nice work, I’d love to see that in person. They remind me a lot of the Cape Byron Lighthouse, how you can see a picture through the windows on the northern side. Did you draw any inspiration from there?

Comment by xobs

Hi Leanne, nice to see you commenting. I’m glad you like the blog, I think you should start one too.

Breanna, I wouldn’t say the lighthouse was a conscious reference but it is part of my visual memory and I can definitely see the connection. I think we should have tea some time and you can leaf through my books.

Comment by Kate

That is just so utterly beautiful. A lot of your work has such a quiet, meditative, contemplative feel to me. Staring out windows at clouds especially does that.

Comment by JNgaio

Thanks Jessie, I think contemplative is a really lovely way of describing it.

Comment by Kate

Yes contemplative is an excellent way to describe it. I’m a big fan of the colours and medium (the medium which of course informs the lovely intensity of the colours) in this work.

Comment by justaperfectday

Love it Katie :)

Comment by Katie

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