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October 4, 2009, 8:19 pm
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Finally finished. This book is a chronology of all the buildings I’ve known as home. A personal history of colonising the land. The covers are laser engraved with an adapted William Morris motif, recalling both internal intimate spaces, and the english sensibility that is projected onto the land. The inset embroidery brings the feminine to the fore, the hand crafted as gift, a gesture of love, a sharing of perspectives. The handcrafted nature of the work is restated by the exposed stitching, including it’s visible flaws and tensions. Beginning with the home I returned from the hospital to as a newborn, and moving through to a building I have not yet set foot in, but is the form of my future home, where my daydreams reside.


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That is absolutely beautiful and incredible. I really want to see it in real life… it looks so touchable somehow. Wonderful, wonderful work!

Comment by JNgaio

Thank you.
It really is a whole other thing in real life, so many different textures and the loose binding has this slippery quality making page turning very nice. I want everyone to have a chance to touch my books.

Comment by Kate

Yes I would like to see this in the real life. I feel like the textures, and the intimacy of the mechanics of a book are very important here. The cover looks really amazing and I find it quite fascinating to see where you came from in a sense. However I also feel there to be a distance in the external nature of these paintings. They are very separate from you, as I know you, in some ways. Unlike say the watercolours of BS in her room. In those I feel a personal sense of you both. A closeness that isn’t just about the difference in spacial representations. Or something, I’m not sure I explained that very well.

Comment by justaperfectday

Bobby I think I understand what you mean and it’s something I have been thinking about a lot in relation to this work. For me it is by far one of the most personal intimate works I’ve made but I’m unsure whether that communicates as so much of it is wrapped up in personal memories and signs. I think it also has a lot to do with my not fully grasping watercolours yet though, I can achieve replication but not mood. It was one of the best works to share with my family though as they shared so much of the history contained.

Comment by Kate

C’est magnifique. Et so… delicat.

Comment by Jam

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