Kate Hughes

the view from here
September 23, 2009, 11:21 am
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Sky, sunlight, life, warms me.

Industrialisation of the land, cleaving, ripping, smothering in concrete.

Should I forget where and why I live.

Sometime drawings fail, solution: fold them. Still a failure.


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Once or twice, when a painting has failed, I’d punched it. It was more of a failure then.

Folded failure drawing looks nice in the photo, I like it when paper feels like paper. I tend to put it behind frames and it stops feeling like paper then.

Comment by Ngaio

I find the tangibility of paper essential to my appreciation of works on it. As a result I avoid framing as it turns a work on paper from an object to a two dimensional image losing so much. I find myself distanced from works framed behind mounts, all intimacy with the work is lost. For my work at least all a frame grants is protection and some fabricated impression of importance, it’s not worth it. Float mounting can strike a nice balance though.

Comment by Kate

Yeah that makes a lot of sense. For my own art, I’m really into frames, particularly of the cheap, kitschy variety, strangely for some of the reasons that they -would not- work for your art … I like to do what is wrong, cheap and tacky… but right now, the wrongness isn’t quite right, haha! Will keep working on it.

Comment by Ngaio

Clever framing can be a beautiful thing, like the meat paintings posted on your blog, the frame alters our understanding of the work. I’m looking forward to your show, so many teasers.

Comment by Kate

Absolutely… but I’m yet to figure out how to make my framing clever!

And thanks, I’m just looking forward to my exhibition being over, haha! I fear it may be a bit of a dud – too unresolved etc etc but it’s kept me making art which is why I decided to do it and now I’m getting inspired about future projects.

Comment by JNgaio

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