Kate Hughes

September 21, 2009, 3:48 pm
Filed under: surrounds

Working at home or at the studio will chance interruptions. The best of them is to be found at home, crying and scratching at the door, knocking suitcases over and exploring the windowsill.



Inspired by this cat lady, who should update one of these days.


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What a beautiful kitty! I love that second photo.

Comment by JNgaio

I love cat spirals. I have one on my bed every morning, right in the middle of the bed. She is very selfish.

Comment by xobs

Just out to prove white slinky kittens aren’t the only beautiful cats. He likes to sleep under the covers nestled up against me but woe be it if I dare to move.

Comment by Kate

Oh he’s as beautiful as you described. I shall update soon and I shall spend some over due time commenting on the wonderful directions of your blog as soon as I’m not tired! x

Comment by justaperfectday

I’m awaiting these fabled comments, or are you constantly sleepy these days? I’m enjoying having you and others watch my works progress, it makes me feel special and stuff.

Comment by Kate

Oh my god I miss my Jabbercat so much right this instance. If I leave your blog for Osca’s right now be aware it’s only because these pictures have caused me an intense ach in my heart for fluffiness.

Comment by justaperfectday

p.s always watching, even when not commenting.

Comment by justaperfectday

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