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September 5, 2009, 3:47 pm
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Peoples working spaces fascinate me especially when they merge into the domestic space. The things we surround ourselves with become extensions of our thoughts and memories, symbols to store our epiphanies. Breanna’s posted some photos of her space that elaborate on these watercolours beautifully.

After eight months of residency I still haven’t documented my studio, I will. I appreciate the space and retreat it provides but dislike how it forces my art apart from my day to day routines. To tackle this I keep my watercolours and an extra set of grey leads and paper at home. Lately I’ve preferred working at home, embroidering in bed with my laptop for reference.


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I think I need to photograph the desk more, I haven’t done that yet. I think I’ve become more secretive with the way I represental my domesticity – isolating certain parts of it and trying not to ever give a sense of the whole of the space.

I do really miss the missing piece, though – it’s become essential to the workspace, and its function has been transformed completely from the manufacturer’s (and my) intent for its use.

Comment by xobs

By the missing piece I assume you mean the file cabinet? It’s a shame I left it out for some reason when I was drawing I didn’t think it quite fit in the picture but it is a palpable absence.

I’ve realised that I too tend to favor the macro when representing my spaces, exposing the whole just seems too much, more vulnerable than cropped details.

Comment by Kate

Wow. That looks just like the picture Breanna posted of her room. Really really cool stuff.

Comment by yeahbutnobutyeahbut

Guess again, Kate.

Comment by xobs

I believe I have been given a clue. Is it your little wire bookcase?

Comment by Kate

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