Kate Hughes

November 12, 2009, 9:43 pm
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My first completed embroidery map. My finger tips may be swollen and sore from the final stitches but I am so pleased to have this finished. The bulk of the cotton thread makes stitching hard but gives a weight to the fabric; distorting and warping the image out from its grid like origins.

To give an idea of the bulk of the thread here’s an image of the back taken before the edges of the linen were trimmed.


commonplace cartography
October 17, 2009, 3:35 pm
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Everyone’s at it:
There’s the massive imap at city library. Overcoming its name it engages it’s audience in community building through the mapping of personal narrative.
Walk this way a series of guided walks that are part of the melbourne international arts festival. I picked up three of the walking maps and found them to be of variable interest and depth. The best were those that explored the individuals relationship to the city’s structure and society rather than just listing some cool places. Could be amazing but not all contributors appear to have really engaged with the project.
If you walk through flinders st subway you’ll find the interventionist guide to melbourne at platform. A group of artist have created guiding maps to their city focused temporal interventions.
Photocopied Map a zine collaboration between the asylum seekers resource centre and sticky. A series of postcards written to family, friends and strangers give brief insights into the asylum seekers lives. Money raised by sales goes to the ASRC a fantastic institution.


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