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October 13, 2009, 7:14 am
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My first zine is completed. A simple collage forming a compendium of the ideas and images I’ve been revolving around for the last few months. Sold flat the book’s owner will become part co-creator, folding and cutting as per instructions. I should be dropping a small pile of these off at Sticky Institute this afternoon. Hopefully they’ll catch people’s eye in the wall of zines.

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I didn’t know you were doing this. You will have to tell me about all about it. It looks really good.

Comment by Leanne

Excellent. Maybe at Polyester, too?

Comment by xobs

Oh I totally want one! How much are you asking for them?

Comment by JNgaio

Leanne I only made them on Monday, a few solid hours with my scanner and adobe illustrator, beats typing up prac notes.

Breanna I hadn’t thought of polyester, do you know how selling zines there works? I’ll check it out when I get a chance.

Jessie I’m charging three dollars for them, let me know if you can’t get to sticky and I’ll bring you one the next time I see you.

I was playing with a copy of it on the train today, unfolding and refolding, I got a lot of looks. I just hope people find the flat sheet appealing enough to want to assemble it.

Comment by Kate

Can you bring one to me also please? This looks beautiful.

Comment by justaperfectday

Of course I can miss but I hear you’re headed away again soon. I should be coming into the office one day next week, I could set up a market stall next to your desk.

Comment by Kate

It might be a little while before I can get to Sticky and I’m on leave from work right now. If it’s not too much hassle, if you could keep one aside for me, I can come get it off you after my exhibition opens? $3! Bargain!

Comment by JNgaio

No problem.

Comment by Kate

Polyester strangely has less organisation and paperwork (meaning their staff does less) but takes a higher percentage of the sales. But their zine rack is in dire need of something like this so it would be human of you to put things there.

Comment by xobs

I will check it out next time I’m in fitzroy.

Comment by Kate

I loves it. I loves you! Yay for zine-shaped awesomeness.

Comment by yeahbutnobutyeahbut

Hi Kate, I just bought your zine from sticky. I’d love to stock it at my gallery ‘Hand Held’ here in Melbourne. It’s an object and book arts gallery. I have a small stock of image based zines and yours would be perfect. From your blog it looks as though you have other work that might be ideal for the gallery as well.

Comment by Megan Herring

Hi Megan,
I’m so pleased my little zine brought you here, I’ve emailed you about stocking it.

Comment by Kate

Thanks for my zine Kate, it really is wonderful. I haven’t made it yet because I want to try really hard to make it into an aeroplane and when I fail I shall buy another one from you. There is for me actually something quite alluring about keeping the zine how it came, mid process. Will I be a disappointment if I don’t construct it? Maybe I need another two. I actually feel a real disparity here because all your work is usually so precious and once off, almost untouchable, more so then other peoples work and I’m not sure why that is, maybe because I feel like I’m (we) are privy to so much of the processes involved in making your work. It feels a bit weird, this zine, all reproducible and all so I shall have two more if I may!
Again, some fabulous line work here, but I feel like I’m sounding like a broken record. I love all your line work.

Comment by justaperfectday

Bobby before you start folding like crazy I have to let you know I’ve run out of the paper I printed on and will only print more copies once I find a worthy substitute. There is no obligation to fold it or to follow the instructions, I’m quite fond of it flat but love folding and unfolding it too much to let it remain so. I’m still uncertain as to how this fits with my work in a broad sense. I see it as an extension of the intimacy of the book format. There is less of me personally in it due to it’s mass production (if you can call 29 copies a mass production) but the audience is more explicitly involved with it as an object. I want to try and retain the level of image quality whilst encouraging people to touch. Just wait till I see you next I’m going to make you touch all my books.

Comment by Kate

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